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"True love is the greatest adventure"

There is nothing more intoxicating than being around people in love! Whether you are celebrating falling love, your anniversary, or getting engaged, this is one of the happiest times in your life. Your couple’s photo session will be all about capturing that happiness, the smiles that don’t stop, the sweet quiet gazes between you, and all the wonderful, quirky, uniqueness that makes your love story one of a kind.

During your couple’s photo shoot I will guide you through active, gentle posing that helps capture more relaxed, authentic, and genuine exchanges that are creative and unique to you. Because not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, I work with you both to have fun, relax, and prompt interactions that reflect your love for each other, chemistry, and lighthearted side of your relationship.

Wedding proposal photography. I will help you capture this most elusive and special moment in your life, your proposal! By coordinating with you before this special moment, I will arrive early on location and will be your hidden photographer to help capture this once in a lifetime moment. These private, romantic, candid images will be some of your most cherished in your lifetime.

Your engagement photo shoot, couple’s photo session, or proposal photography session is shot on location and the photography fee starts at $225.00. This includes my time and talent, before, during and following your photo shoot, your digital online gallery for social sharing, a usb thumb drive with high resolution, professional edited images, and your print release. These high resolution images are prefect for your save-the-dates, engagement announcement, your wedding slide show, or for framing on your wall.

Some helpful information to help get the most out of your couple’s photo shoot and images you will love looking for years to come:

Relax and have fun with it. Most of us are not models, and in fact, don’t really enjoy being in front the camera at all. It’s okay! I work hard to make sure your photo session is fun and engaging, as well as give your prompts and direction that takes the focus off of posing and puts it on your love story. This combination results in a romantic, fun experience for the two of you and images that capture that connection and love. All I ask is your show up with an open mind, a bit of adventure, and a wiliness to trust that your photos are as important to me as they are to you.

What to Wear: You will want to coordinate your outfits so you look balanced but stay away from the "twin" look! Solid colors work much better than patterns. The important thing is that you are authentic style-wise. If you hate dresses and heels, don't wear them. If your partner lives in blue jeans, they should wear them. That said, a flowy skirt or dress sure does look nice when you’re twirling or the breeze blows. And, a nice button down can give a sweet precursor look for the wedding day slide show. You will want to dress in harmony with the location as well. You may want to have at least one outfit change for the session so we can get a couple different looks or to balance different locations. The engagement shoot is also a great time to test drive your wedding hair and makeup!

Pets, Props, and Children: This is your love story and if fur babies or two-legged babies are a part of it, you may want to include them for part of the session. I would recommend that you bring a friend or family member with you to take care of your critter or child so you and your partner can focus on each other and this milestone experience. Props should be meaningful and should not take the focus off the two of you. Any prop you use should reflect something of your story (scrabble board, instruments you play, books you love, save-the-date sign, hobbies or sports you share together, etc). Just remember, this is your story and we want to keep it authentic to the two of you.

Timing: For outdoor photos, the ideal time is the "golden hour" (two hours before and during sunset). This lighting is so romantic, even, and very complimentary to every one. This time of day also prevents squinting, shadowing, and often washed looks that midday-full sun can create. Midday shoots outdoors can come with some complications when it comes to shadows on faces. We can work around this with some creative lighting but that is not preferred. That said, an overcast, cloudy day is perfect all day long!

Location: We can brainstorm together on location or you may have a specific location in mind that is special to you. Keep in mind that some locations require you to pay a fee or obtain a permit for photography. You will want to check this out in advance if you have a specific location in mind such as a park or private venue. There are many locations that are lovely and free for you to use. What matters most is that the location is a great backdrop to you, your love, and your story! You will also want to consider weather and season when picking your location(s). A rainy day can result in some gorgeous pictures if you don't mind getting wet but it can be a wet blanket if you don't want to mess up your hair. Vineyards, flower fields, etc are also lovely backdrops but if blooms and harvest are what you want, you will want to consider the season when you schedule your session. Together, you and I will find the perfect location for timeless images of this milestone in your lives.

"I love all of our photos and Stacy was really attentive and got both my fiance and I to come out of our shells and really open up to the camera. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and beautiful pictures."
-Happy Customers-

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