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Rock Your Senior Photo Shoot

Your graduation photo shoot is all about you! You’ve worked hard to achieve this accomplishment and this photo shoot is to celebrate this rite of passage in your life.    The information below will come in handy to help you prepare for your senior photo shoot to capture the best images.

Rest – Be sure to get your beauty sleep the night before! Even youth can’t hide tired eyes and there is no need to miss sleep over stress. We are going to have fun! So, relax the night before and get in all your zzz’s.

Eat – Be sure you aren’t ‘hangry’ for your shoot. Your senior photo session will last about 2 hours so put some fuel in your tank. On a side note, use the restroom before you show up for your shoot, on location sometimes doesn’t have access to bathrooms.

Clothing – Be you! Dress like you and be comfortable. If you’re not a ‘dress’ kind of girl, don’t wear one. If you don’t like ties, don’t bring one. Do bring a couple outfit changes so we can mix things up a bit and capture your individualism. Also, accessories come in real handy! Bring a floppy hat, a scarf, a jacket. These accessories can add some pop to photos. Dressing for a photo shoot is different than dressing for a day out with your friends. Some items you might not wear out and about are really cool in photos. Be creative! If you are active with sports or an organization, bring that jersey, uniform, or attire for one of your looks. Guys, please bring at least one button down. All my seniors, please take the time to iron your outfits. Wrinkles cannot be pressed out in photoshop. Clothing to avoid: Neon, stripes, baggy, loud prints, or wrinkled/stained clothes. Clothes to love – fitted, solid colors, splashes of color, and clothes you feel good in.

Makeup – Much to mother’s chagrin, less is not more when it comes to make up and photo shoots. Light makeup will not show up as well so if you want to be a little more dramatic, to a point, that’s okay. Just don’t paint yourself into some one new. Remember, this photo shoot is intended to capture this time in your life.

Glasses – If you do not have access to frames without lenses in them, and you must wear your glasses during your photo shoot, keep mind the glare on the lenses may be evident in some photos. I’ll do my best to avoid this but it is often not possible to avoid completely.

Shaving, Nails, and Shoes – Please trim the beard or be clean shaven for your photo shoot. Ladies, shave your legs, armpits. All these details show up in the photos. You will also want to make sure to clean your nails for photos that will show your hands.

Acne, skin, and hair – Please don’t get a drastic haircut or color change before your senior photo shoot. You will want to be sure you get a haircut or color a week or so before but not much sooner than that. Don’t worry about a slight breakout or acne. This can be removed during editing if you wish. If you are a beach lover, please avoid getting a sunburn or being out in the sun a few days before your photo shoot. Sunburn is almost impossible to address in editing and so is peeling skin. For birthmarks, scars, or moles, my feelings on editing out anything that is permanently a part of you should be left in the photo. It’s part of what makes you unique and you. I will not remove or edit these unless specifically requested to do so.

Props, Pets, and Cars – ABSOLUTELY! Your senior photo shoot is all about celebrating this time in your life. Bring what you love, your football, your guitar, your camera, your hockey stick, your paint brush, your class ring, your favorite book, etc. Whatever you think is an important part of your story, bring it! If you are going to bring a pet, bring a friend with you to take care of them during your photo shoot. If you do want to incorporate your car, take time to clean it before the photo shoot so it looks good in the photos.

Finally, the most important thing you can bring to your senior photo shoot is an open mind and a sense of humor. We are going to have fun and will be running around catching the light and lots of different looks. Relax and go into your photo session with a sense of adventure and willingness to trust me that together we will get images you love!

What to expect from your senior photo session:  Your photography session fee includes my time and talent before, during and following your photo shoot.  Your senior photo session will run about 2 hours long with multiple outfit changes and locations.  Typically, we chose a primary location and then hit nearby areas that best capture you and your personality. This is a fun photo shoot!  The photography fee for my senior photo shoots start at $225 and includes your online gallery for social sharing, usb flash drive with high resolution images, and print release.         

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